Council Heightens inspection of Food Pemises at Kasumbalesa border to prevent the spread of Cholera.


By Nambela Mwandia Kyombela (Chililabombwe-8th January 2023)

Chililabombwe Municipal Council is currently conducting routine inspection of Food premises such as Restaurants, Butcheries and any others to heighten Cholera prevention measures within the district.

The Council through the department of Public Health is closely monitoring the business community , especially those who trade in food commodities to ensure that they comply to the food safety Act no.2019 and the Public Health Act CAP 295.

The local Authority wishes that all Food premises operate within stipulated guidelines ,more also that the business community refrains from trading within premises that are prone to risk the spread of Cholera.

This morning , during routine inspections the Council confiscated seven (07) decomposed Carcasses from a named Butchery at Kasumbalesa border market.

We are hereby sounding a warning to the business community to desist from selling products that are unfit for human consumption and in an unhygienic environments as this is against the law.

Chililabombwe Council will continue inspecting Food premises to ensure that Cholera preventive guidelines by the business community are adhered to and residents are supplied food that is safe and fit for consumption.

We are urging all residents to follow the underlisted guidelines to prevent Cholera;

》Boil or Chlorinate Drinking Water
》Avoid unnecessary Hand Shakes
》Wash your hands often and thouroughly with soap
》Eat food that is thoroughly cooked hot and steaming
》Clean and disinfect toilets and surfaces contaminated with poop: clean the surface with a soap solution to remove solids.

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