Chitambo, Saturday (April 20, 2024)

Chief Chitambo of the Lala people of Chitambo District, Central Province, has praised Government for responding quickly to arrest Chinese Nationals blasting illegally in search of quartz and other minerals.

The Traditional Leader also paid tribute to Zambia Police Service high command at national and Provincial level and a District team of hardworking police officers now nicknamed by the community as ‘Crime Busters’.

Convergent Freelance Journalist Bangwe Naviley Chisenga reports that the Chinese Nationals have been identified as Sue and Zhang Junhan, picked up for illegal mining at Yoramu Mwanje Area in Muchinka Chiefdom where Chief Chitambo is the current Caretaker Chief.

And Chief Chitambo disclosed that others picked up are Doubt Mwanje, Chanda Mulewa and Anthony Mumbi that were found with an excavator and drilling machine, supervised by the Chinese Nationals.

The Traditional Leader said he is concerned that the suspects were found with 11 boxes of Super power 90 explosives, 14 bags of Quartz gemstones and 12 detonating cables.

He thanked police for obtaining a search warrant from the Serenje Magistrate Court leading to the confiscation of 6 bags of Dolomite gem stones and a bag of unknown stones.

“I recently had a challenge at my palace where some unscrupulous individuals wanted to cause confusion but police responded fast. We complained about illegal mining and police officers have responded swiftly. This shows that Government cares for us. The President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, has time and again emphasized the need to mine legally for the emancipation of the Country and for the benefit of the poor majority. My Chiefdom is ready to support Government in ensuring sanity in the mining sector,” he said.

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