A significant funding of over K10 million from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has been invested in Matero Constituency in 2024 alone.


This milestone has been made possoble through CDF loans, grants, and bursaries schemes, with the aim to empower youth and women as well as promote entrepreneurship, and support education.


One hundred and twenty-eight groups, comprising of youth groups, women cooperatives, clubs, and individual companies, have benefited from CDF loans and grants.


The funding has been disbursed as follows: K3.2 million to 51 loan beneficiaries and K2.3 million to 77 grant beneficiaries.


Additionally, the 2024 CDF has allocated K5.5 million for Skills Development programs for 788 youths and K294,480 for Secondary Boarding School Bursaries for 69 pupils.


These initiatives collectively aim to equip youths with practical skills and support vulnerable children in accessing education.


The government’s goal is to support businesses, promote entrepreneurship, and reduce poverty gaps in society.


Through investments in loans, grants, and bursaries, the government is empowering communities and promoting education, leading to a more prosperous constituency and the country as a whole.


We urge beneficiaries to utilize these funds purposefully, investing in sustainable projects, skills development, and education.


We also encourage more women and youth in Lusaka and Matero to apply for these empowerment funds, regardless of their political affiliation.


Let us work together to build an inclusive and empowered society suitable for all.


Issued By:

Nyambe Bulumba

Assistant Public Relations Manager

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