Lusaka, Friday (June 28, 2024)

The Minister of Science and Technology Felix Mutati says Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a beneficial technology that brings balance.

He mentioned that even though some people have concerns about job losses due to AI, it is important to consider the positive aspects as well.

The Minister highlighted that Zambia is generating more revenue through the use of AI, prompting a discussion on whether the development is beneficial.

He added that the government is using AI to improve healthcare services.

Mr Mutati further expressed confidence that the goal of producing 3 million tonnes of copper in 10 years will be achieved through the government’s deployment of AI.

The Minister also pointed out that AI is being utilized in agriculture to enhance crop yields.

Mr Mutati urged people not to fear AI, emphasizing that it is up to people to adapt rather than expect AI to change.

This came to light during the official launch of the Future of AI in Africa Conference in Lusaka, organized by Compu-Connect Education Group.

Meanwhile, renowned Academic Expert, Professor Rasoava Rijamampianina, asserts that AI is not poised to displace jobs but rather enhance human intelligence.

Prof Rijamampianina said the real potency of digital transformation and AI lies within its application by people, not merely in the technology itself.

He emphasizes that businesses rely on human intellect, underscoring the genuine empowerment of individuals.

Prof Rijamampianina views AI as a tool that functions as a force multiplier, attributing its efficacy to human intervention.

He maintains that AI should be perceived as a complement to human capability rather than a substitute.

The Professor contends that the most effective approach to dispelling misconceptions about AI involves meaningful engagement with people.

He emphasizes that erroneous assumptions and fictional narratives have caused considerable disruption within numerous organizations about AI.

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