After undergoing a 26 week intensive and back-breaking basic Artillery training at Lukanga Army Battle Training Area (ABTA) in Kapiri Mposhi, 286 soldiers have been attested in the Corps of Artillery.
Before they could be attested, the soldiers had to demonstrate before the Army Commander Lieutenant General Sitali Dennis Alibuzwi, accompanying General Grade Officers, Officers and Soldiers, that they have grasped the Artillery technical knowledge and acquired the standard physical stamina required of a Gunner.
Impressed with the Gunners’ understanding of Artillery pieces, standard of drill and display of safe, accurate and timely fire support to other ground elements, the Army Commander inducted the 286 soldiers into the Corps of Artillery.
Speaking during the closing ceremony of the Basic Gunnery Course and Attestation Parade for both Field and Light Air Defence Gunners at Lukanga ABTA in Kapiri Mposhi yesterday, Lt Gen Alibuzwi said that he was convinced that the troops understand all the technical details associated with the Artillery Corps.
Lt Gen Alibuzwi urged the attested soldiers to develop a sense of belonging and respect the military decorum by conducting themselves in a responsible manner at all times.
“Judging by the standard of drill you have displayed which by the way, needless to say is high, I am convinced that your discipline as individual soldiers in particular and the Unit as a whole is exemplary,” Gen Alibuzwi said.
He reminded the new Artillery soldiers that the whole Army relies on them to deliver the necessary fire support to supported Units in all operations of war and operations other than war.
Lt Gen Alibuzwi urged the soldiers to uphold professionalism by refraining from actively participating in politics. “You should always realize that you are the servants of the people of Zambia, and as such, you are not allowed to belong to any political party. Always remain loyal to the Gover

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