December 11th, 2023

GENEVA – Vice President W.K Mutale Nalumango says Zambia is on the world map after making strides in amending laws that inhibit democracy, human rights, good governance and basic freedoms.

Speaking at the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland, where she is representing President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA at the Human Rights 75 High Level Conference, Mrs Nalumango said the UPND New Dawn Government has made uncommon pronouncements to defend the violation of Human Rights in its system of governance.

Mrs Nalumango cited the abolition of the death penalty which saw the President commuting 390 death sentences to life imprisonment in February of 2023.

Mrs Nalumango further said the freedom of speech has been expanded through the repeal of section 69 of the Penal Code, which criminalized defamation of the President.

She said as a global village, Zambia is eager to share the progress being made as far as promotion of Human Rights is concerned and also to learn more on how the government can serve the Zambian people better.

Upon assuming office, President Hichilema committed to uphold human rights, freedoms and liberties of all citizens under his rule.

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