Highlights from today’s Government Media Engagement held in Monze.


✅ The Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa, MP said while the opposition in Zambia is entitled to their opinions, they should refrain from claiming that they represent the majority of Zambians.

✅ He urged opposition political party leaders to exercise humility when speaking on behalf of the people, emphasising that Council members and Parliamentarians are entrusted to do so.

✅ Hon. Mweetwa said the opposition’s briefing was founded on power-hungry individuals.

✅ The Minister emphasised that Zambia maintains its democratic space, citing ZNBC’s coverage of political gatherings as evidence.

✅ He questioned the purpose of the national indaba demanded by the opposition, especially considering their failure to organise one to address the debt crisis.

✅ Hon. Mweetwa said creditors have accepted the private creditors’ second offer, deeming it reasonable.

✅ The Minister highlighted significant progress in debt restructuring efforts, refuting claims of inaction.

✅ Zambia is among the first countries to benefit from debt relief due to prompt action in petitioning for debt restructuring.

✅ Government remains committed to completing debt restructuring expeditiously.

✅ President Hakainde Hichilema’s international trips are deemed valuable for fostering business opportunities.

✅ Hon. Mweetwa expressed concern over calls by opposition leaders for various groups to rally against the economic situation, deeming it both shocking and perilous.

✅ He attributed the current Kwacha depreciation to decreased foreign currency inflows and a decline in copper production.

✅ The Chief Government Spokesperson announced that Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) has pledged to pay outstanding bills totaling 220 million US dollars to suppliers.

✅ The Minister cited the ramping up of copper production at Konkola Copper Mine and Mopani Copper Mine, as well as diversifying toward agriculture as some of the solutions to the exchange rate issue.

✅ Government anticipates lifting the export ban in the coming months, which will contribute to Zambia’s foreign exchange inflows.

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