Today, a group of opposition leaders announced the newest political party alliance, at a press conference.

Mr. Sakwiba Sikota read the statement which had, noticeably, above average vocabulary and phrasing.

The setting out of all that is wrong in the country was going very well, until a journalist from Hope Radio asked President Lungu a question, a good one. Very respectfully asked.

The former “Kateka” was asked what, if he was still in office, he would have done to restructure the debt that his party had liberally contracted, and which is suffocating the economy.

What, in his view, was the current government doing wrong about debt, that he would have done differently?

Now, that is the one question President Lungu should be able to answer substantively and soberly.

So, the former “Kateka” gets the chance, with multiple microphones in front of him, to tell the nation what he would do, to get us out of the debt hole he dug us into .

Then he answered. Eeeeh ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️.

Ati – I am not in State House so you can’t ask me that. Ask HH!

Well, with that one answer, President Lungu killed and buried that press conference. The main star could not say what he would do to address our biggest problem, that is underpinning all our other economic problems – debt.

Truth is, I am convinced that Zambia would drown, economically, if any of those people who were at the high table, today, were in charge, just as President Lungu drowned in that question.

About the political issues the opposition leaders raised – there they can talk. Not va economy. Banama.

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