ZAMBIA Must Prosper (ZMP) president Kelvin Fube says Zambia is not short of leaders for former President Edgar Lungu to attempt to stand for the presidency once again.

The former Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary General and strategist has urged Zambians not to support Mr Lungu’s bid to go for the presidency.

Mr Fube, who is popularly known as KBF, said Mr Lungu served two constitutional terms but went ahead to stand for what he called a third term.

“I am on record throughout 2021 and leading up to the 2021 general election that in my considered opinion, the former President did not qualify to stand,” he said during a media briefing yesterday.

I stood on principle and I said, for me, I considered that a third-term. I have not changed that position. If you ask me to advise ECL today, that will be my advice. He gave us seven years of leadership, we thank him, that’s it. We are not short of leaders in this country and we can’t be going backwards.”

Mr Fube said he is ready to fight Mr Lungu should he decide to stand for President again because the country has enough leaders.

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