Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is formulating a law that will compel all government employees to declare their assets to help eliminate graft.

Commission Director General Tom Shamakamba says civil servants should ‘prepare’ for the policy as “it is now recognised by the United Nations (UN) that a country that doesn’t have an asset declaration regime is not doing enough to combat corruption”.

Mr Shamakamba said although the policy might not be welcomed, government workers should be ready to declare their assets.

“I wish to inform the audience that ACC is pursuing a policy that government ministries, agencies or any institution that falls under Government should have a policy on asset declaration.

“I know [that] it doesn’t sit well with a lot of ministries, but please, be prepared. If you are a government employee, you should be ready to declare your assets,” he said.

Mr Shamakamba said this yesterday during the launch of the conflict of interest, fifth and benefits, and whistle-blowers protection policies for the Ministry of Technology and Science.

CREDIT: DailyMailZambia

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