In view of the Cholera outbreak that has been reported in nine provinces in the country, Kawambwa Town Council has put up measures aimed at preventing any possible outbreak in the district.

In a statement today, Kawambwa Town Council public Relations officer Joe Kashi said the Local Authority has intensified the regular inspection of food outlets.

He said all restaurants and any places dealing in food must ensure their premises observe hygiene at all cost and workers must all be in possession of Food Handlers certificates.

Mr. Kashi said these outlets must operate within the stipulated within the confines of the law as stipulated under the Public Health Act Cap 295 and the food Safety Act of 2019 of the laws of Zambia

The Kawambwa Town Council public Relations officer stated that the sensitization of the general public on the prevention of the disease has been identified as an important tool in the quest to prevent cholera and Radio programmes, community engagements and Public Service Announcements have been lined up.

Mr. Kashi has since encouraged Kawambwa residents to desist from the indiscriminate disposal of waste.

He said the Local Authority has placed bins in designated places and the general populous is encouraged to make use of them at all times.

“Keep Zambia Clean Green and Healthy Campaign remains key in the fight against cholera. This Presidential directive must be observed starting from household level, government departments, business sector for the district to maintain hygiene which is cardinal in preventing the disease.” Mr. Kashi said

And Mr. Kashi has warned street vendors to relocate to designated trading places, in the same vain members of the public are urged not to buy food from the streets.

He said public places such as markets and bus stations, are areas that accommodate the general public hence the Local Authority has continued routine cleaning of these premises and members of the public are encouraged to use the facilities in these places with care.

Mr. Kashi has since urged members of the public to observe the prevention health tips such as chlorinating or boiling drinking water, washing hands with clean water before eating, covering of leftover food properly and further report to the nearest health centre anyone with cholera symptoms.

“Everyone is an ambassador in the fight against cholera, therefore we urge Kawambwa residents to work hand in hand with the Local Authority in the fight to prevent any possible outbreak in the district.” Mr. Kashi said

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