Lusaka, Thursday (February 29, 2024) –

The Zambia NGO WASH Forum has urged Parliament to consider paying members of Ward Development Committees (WDCs) sitting allowances instead of Civil Servants.

The Forum’s Representative, Chama Mundia, highlighted the importance of directing resources towards the WDCs, who play a crucial role in the implementation of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

She noted that the proposed provision in the CDF Bill of 2023 for sitting allowances for members of Committees may not be feasible given the country’s limited resources.

Ms Mundia emphasized the critical functions of the WDCs as outlined in the Local Government Act No. 2 of 2019, and the lack of monetary incentives, designated offices, and limited capacity for the WDCs to ensure project viability.

She proposed the introduction of financial support for the WDCs to motivate and improve their effectiveness.

Furthermore, Ms Mundia called for the capacity building of WDCs in key aspects such as community mobilization, project proposal writing, financial literacy, and monitoring and evaluation.

She emphasized the need to provide the necessary support to ensure that WDCs are equipped to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

“Fostering the capacity and impact of the WDCs is essential for the successful implementation of the CDF and the overall development of local communities. We urge Parliament to carefully consider our proposal and prioritize the support and empowerment of WDCs for the benefit of all Zambians,” she said.

Ms. Mundia said this when the NGO WASH Forum presented a Memorandum to the National Assembly of Zambia, Committee on Local Governance, Housing and Chiefs Affairs, and Committee on Local Government Accounts on “Ramifications of the Constituency Development Fund (Amendment) Bill, N.A.B No.21 of 2023”.

This media statement was issued by NGO WASH Forum National Coordinator Bubala Muyovwe Mumba.

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