11th March 2024 …

The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Brenda Tambatamba calls on Church members in Kasempa District to actively participate in developmental initiatives taking place in the Constituency.

Ms.Tambatamba noted that the Government has created avenues for the people of Kasempa to utilise, most especially the women and youths, church members inclusive.

She said this during the Sunday Church service at the New Apostolic Central Church in Kasempa District this morning.


Ms.Tambatamba assured the congregants that the Government was actively dedicated to improving the lives of all Zambians despite the challenges being faced due to the debt restructuring that the New Dawn Government inherited from past Governments.

The Minister added that the message preached during the church service on resilience and good will gives hopes timely when the country is facing hard times such as droughts.

Speaking at the same event, Shepard Phynian Musumali of the New Apostolic Central Church of Kasempa noted that congregants are blessed to have their Area Member of Parliament explain the Government’s developmental agenda.

Sherpard Musumali explained that his church has an open door policy to work with the Government as key partners in sustainable economic development.

The clergyman further expressed happiness that members of the church are expected to benefit from the different Government interventions that are designed to sustainably develop skills, businesses and improve lives of the people like the Community Development Fund (CDF).

He promised to ensure that the members of the church visit the CDF offices in the district to access the funds.

And Assistant Labour commissioner for inspections, Ms. Chibesa Sichone took time to sensitize the members of church on labour matters.

She urged the people of Kasempa District to utilise the opportunity that a team from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security together with its Statutory bodies is providing various services in relation to their mandate.

She added that Kasempa District has no office to attend to Labour and Social Security matters hence, this is a great Government initiative that the people have to resolve thier labour matters in order to reduce the cost of travelling to the nearest Labour Office.

Ms.Lupili concluded that due to the above mentioned reasons, the team is conducting a Labour sensitization clinic and Labour Inspections.


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