Lusaka, Thursday (March 14, 2024)

Socialist Party -SP- is disappointed by the statement attributed to Bishop John Mambo who has labeled the opposition SP as a violent Party because of the stance that Party members will defend themselves if attacked by UPND.

SP Director Media Brian Hapunda said the statement was made because the UPND planned to petrol bomb SP Secretariat for speaking on national issues amidst the harsh economic times.

Mr. Hapunda said the SP was expecting Bishop Mambo to condemn the UPND attitude of violence by advanced cadres.

He said on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, UPND cadres transported into Chipata where President Hakainde Hichilema graced Youth Day Commemorations, beat up any one wearing opposition SP t-shirts including UKA Members.

Mr. Hapunda said it is saddening that UPND members beat up opposition members mercilessly.

“This is very sad and we wish to condemn the behavior of the UPND cadres in the strongest terms. We expect the leadership of the UPND to cage their violent cadres. Bishop Mambo should start by condemning the violent behavior of his own cadres. He cannot be accusing SP of violence when it is not a Secretary that UPND cadres have a DNA for violence. The people of Zambia have not forgotten the violent Mapatizya Formula and the bloody Mufumbwe by election, all advanced by the UPND,” he said.

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