Poor culture of management of public properties in the country is worrying government.

Government says the attitude is of great concern and needs to be changed through working together with various professionals across board.

Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, Charles Milupi, through his Permanent Secretary Prof. Albert Malama is however optimistic that with the establishment of the Zambia Institute of Valuation Surveyors under the Act of Parliament No. 9 of 2023, the country is going to see quality standard and well managed properties.

Government confirms that among the key issues government is focusing on in 2024 is proper maintenance of public infrastructure.

He notes that responding to the demands of current trends, the New Dawn Administration through President Hakainde Hichilema working with experts had to enact a law that will help bring sanity in property valuation, maintenance and management.

“The new law provides a broader and more inclusive structure to enhance professionalism across the various sub functions within the real estate sector, such as valuation, property management, facilities management and property maintenance”, he notes.

The Minister through the Permanent Secretary says this at the induction of the first Council of the Zambia Institute of Valuation Surveyors which has been established after the replacement of the Valuation Surveyors Act of 1976.

“More importantly, I am delighted that the new law provides for an inspectorate unit to ensure the effective implementation of this act towards the protection of the public from unscrupulous individuals masquerading as valuation surveyors”, he says.

And the inducted President of the Institute, Christopher Mulenga says the newly enacted Institute will see improved valuation sector

The adds that the absence of profession standards leads to poor and substandard developments that are eventually unattractive to society.

He pledges continued collaboration

Mr. Mulenga adds that the formation of the institute will further create employment opportunities to many professionals and the young people in the country.


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