Chongwe, Sunday (January 7, 2024)

A SENIOR Government Official has welcomed Government’s Policy that encourages Specialists to serve in their hometowns and contribute to community development.

Chongwe District Director of Health Services, Mweene Nseluke, shared his satisfaction in serving the communities where he spent his childhood as an orphan sponsored by ChildFund from Primary school through to University.

Dr. Nseluke, a Medical Doctor who has served as District Health Director in Chongwe for over three years, commended the Government led by President Hakainde Hichilema for implementing a policy encouraging specialists to work in their home towns.

“I have been Health Director in Chongwe for over three years now. I am proud because I came at a point when the current Government under the leadership of His Excellency, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, President of the Republic of Zambia, brought in a Policy under the Ministry of Health through the Leadership of Honourable, Sylvia T. Masebo, Chongwe Member of Parliament and Minister of Health, encouraging Specialists to go and work from their home towns,” he said.

The Medical Doctor said he is privileged to serve in Chongwe because he understands the geographic, dynamics and challenges of the District.

“For me, I took it as a privilege to plough back having been supported by ChildFund in Chongwe to come and render services to the people of this District. So, when this Policy was initiated by the Ministry of Health, I was the first one to say let me go back to my people,” he said.

Dr. Nseluke also thanked Government for promoting Decentralization which is giving power to the people thereby empowering districts like Chongwe to manage their own affairs.

“As a devolved District, I am very proud because we manage most of the things within Chongwe,” he said.

Expressing gratitude, Dr. Nseluke pledged to contribute to ChildFund annually to support vulnerable children’s education and enhance the district’s development.

“I have started ploughing back to the community not only through the Service but also looking forward to helping through little contributions to ChildFund on a yearly basis to support the vulnerable children. Not only that, I plan to develop estates and improve the District since now we now live here. I feel proud because I am contributing positively to where I came from and I speak to the development of this place,” he said.

Dr. Nseluke emphasized the importance of cooperating partners like ChildFund urging them to continue complementing Government efforts in expanding health and education facilities for child development.

“In terms of health, we have pillars that we support such that when we run them, we see change such as multiplication of health facilities. The multiplication of schools under Constituency Development Fund – CDF which has provided a platform where more children have access to education. This is a good contribution by Government which calls for more cooperating partners to join efforts in providing for the needy children,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chongwe Child Development Agency Executive Director Green Makamu said his Organization which is a local partner to ChildFund celebrated the return of Dr. Nseluke, a former sponsored child to Chongwe.

“I am happy that we have Dr. Mweene Nseluke who is our former sponsored child. As a sponsoring Organization, we are proud of his success. Dr. Nseluke is now in a community where he was sponsored from providing services to Chainda area and Chongwe District in general,” he said.

Mr. Makamu urged other former sponsored children to follow suit, emphasizing the positive impact such contributions could have on the community.

“We further encourage other sponsors to come forward to select vulnerable children that they can sponsor in Chongwe District. This can help other child to aspire to higher heights like what Dr. Nseluke has achieved. Dr. Nseluke is now our ambassador and is a testimony of the efforts the office has put in to uplift the living standards of the people of Chongwe District,” he said.

This is contained in a statement issued by ChildFund Zambia Communications Specialist Priscilla Chama-Mpengula.

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