There are no sacred cows in the UPND government and we do not shield any lawbreaker, says Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson, Anderson Banda.

During a phone-programme on Live Radio dubbed “Live Issues” today, Mr Banda stressed that the ruling party doesn’t allow any of its member to use its name as a shield to commit crimes.

Mr Banda said the duty to maintain law and order was the preserve of the Police and that it was incumbent upon the Service to bring to book all those found in contradiction of the law regardless of political affiliation.

Asked on whether there has been a shrinking democratic space in the country following Police’s denial to allow the New Heritage Party and subsequently the Socialist Party recently, Mr Banda said the Police were better placed to determine whether it was safe for a political establishment to hold a political rally or not.

Mr Banda also expressed regret at the growing trend where the opposition has continued to dare and perpetrate animosity towards the men and women in uniform.

Mr Banda also charged that alarming statements from the opposition had the potential to set the country on fire, arguing that their continued defiance of Police directives was an indictment on Zambia’s flourishing democratic space.

He was warned that as opposed to antagonizing and provoking the ruling party, it was the responsibility of the opposition political parties to concentrate on providing credible checks and balances.

And commenting on the recent development where few skirmishes during the burial of former LUSAKA Province Treasurer, Brian Mizinga, Mr Banda said the party stood by President Hakainde Hichilema that all those who might have been involved in such behaviour must be sternly punished.

Mr Banda was quick to mention that despite Mr Edgar Lungu decision to “wear two jacks” and resort to acts of inflammation and provocation against the ruling party, it wasn’t the UPND’s desire to endorse violence against anybody.

He said he was worried that the former head of State had continued on a path of defiance towards the established laws of the land, adding that the UPND was ready to take Mr Lungu and his “minions” head-on politically.

He said the fact that Mr Lungu had deliberately decided to remove his jacket of being the “Father of the Nation” was evidence enough that Mr Lungu was ready to receive any political onslaught and that he should not complain when the heavy arm of the political blow “comes falling”.

Mr Banda however refuted assertions that Mr Lungu was a threat to the UPND”s leadership, pointing to the fact that the ruling party’s fearless oust of the former President from his 7 year in power was testimony to the fact that he was a political non-entity.

On the alleged resurfacing of cadreism in public places, Mr Banda urged those affected to ensure that they reported any suspect to the relevant authorities, stressing that he was privy to the fact that the local authorities were the ones in charge of markets and bus stations.

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