Lusaka, Wednesday (February 14, 2024)

Socialist Party – SP President Fred M’membe has urged the Zambian arts and music industry to participate in the governance of the country.

Dr. M’membe has emphasized that the running of the affairs of the country requires everyone to participate, unlike leaving everything in the hands of politicians.

Speaking during an interaction with one of Zambia’s Musical Artists, Dizmo who paid a courtesy call on his office this morning to gift him and his wife a copy of his new album, Dr. M’membe charged that music must be a full-time job of which artists must be encouraged and supported by the government.

He, however, expressed sadness that in Zambia, with so much talent and skills, artists have continued to pursue careers that are unable to take up music and art as a full career because the industry is unfunded and exploited by those in authority.

Dr. M’membe emphasised that the engineering of producing music is the product of many players, which calls for more financial support from the central government.

He added that the Socialist Party in Government will spend a few millions every year on the art and music industries in order to grow it for the benefit of the players within.

Dr. M’membe has also echoed that his Government will also need to introduce music in schools, bring in expected teachers, promote competitions, and support musical products.

He said good albums should be awarded to encourage more production.

Dr. M’membe believes that music is not just for dancing but a form of communication that transmits many things.

He said the future of the musical industry in Zambia will be shaped by the people who are involved in it, not by the party or the government.

Dr. M’membe believes that the future of the musical industry in Zambia will be built on the threshold of what people do today.

He believes that the government should be in control of the arts industry and work together to build a better society.

He said by fostering collaboration and learning from the people, the government can help shape the future of the music industry in Zambia.

This is contained in a statement issued by SP Director Media Brian Hapunda.

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