Government through Kawambwa Town Council has successfully completed paying all the 132 clubs, groups, and cooperatives that were approved under the 2023 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Youth, Women and Community projects under grants for both Kawambwa Central and Pambashe Constituencies respectively.

A total of Four Million, Two Hundred Ninety Two, Eight Hundred Six Kwacha, Fifty Ngwee ( K4, 292,806.55) has been fully paid out to the 132 groups, clubs and cooperatives in Kawambwa district.

Kawambwa Central Constituency has seen a total of 58 groups and clubs approved and a total amount of Two Million, One Hundred Ten, Nine Hundred Fifty Kwacha ( 2,110,950.00) being paid out.

Pambashe Constituency has a total of 74 groups and cooperatives that have benefited under the 2023 grants, with a total amount of Two Million, One Hundred Eight One, Eight Hundred Fifty Six Kwacha, Fifty Five Ngwee (2,181,856.55)

The funded groups have ventured in various projects among them; goat rearing, welding, poultry farming, carpentry, village banking and bee keeping among others.

Issued by: Kashi Norman Joel

Public Relations Officer

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