Grading of 2KM Kamenza Way Road



By Nambela Mwandia Kyombela (Chililabombwe-1st February, 2024)

Chililabombwe Municipal Council would like to inform members of the public that the Local Authority in conjunction with KCM is currently undertaking maintenance , compacting, gravelling of Road Works along Kamenza Way.

Speaking on site, CMC Director Engineering said KCM through Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) has provided earth moving equipments ( Roller Compactor) and the Council has Tipper Trucks and Front End Loader for the operation.

Mr Mpundu said to intervene on the diplorable state of the roads within the district the Council will work during and after rain season not only on Kamenza Way but other gravel roads that need rehabilitation.

” We are aware that most road works will be concluded after rainy season but the Council will continue works even during this period because the challenge of machinery has now been addressed,” he said.

The Engineer assured that his department has placed utmost importance on road works in their 2024 plan and other service maintenance areas.

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