Government through the Ministry of Education has doubled the amount of grants to schools in an effort to help with operations.

Below are the highlights as announced by acting Minister of Education Felix Mutati;

✅Government took the decision to increase the grants in order to ensure that all schools have enough resources to fully implement the Free Education Policy.

✅Government disburses equal amount of grants to all schools at the same time.

✅Government is working on reducing the teacher-pupil ratio from the current 1 teacher to 15 pupils to 1 teacher to 7 pupils.

✅The reduction is being done to ensure that pupils have more attention from their teachers and in turn improve the quality of learning.

✅Primary school education is the foundation for children’s development and fulfilment.

✅It is during these formative years that children acquire essential literacy and numeracy skills.

✅To effectively nurture these skills, it is crucial to approach early years numeracy and literacy in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate manner.

credit MIM

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