The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development Government has commenced the construction of Senior Chief Mushota’s palace at a total cost of K 4, 037,430.12.

In a statement today, Kawambwa Town Council Public Relations Officer Joel Norman Kashi said the Palace that is being constructed by the Zambia Correctional Service comprises a 4 bedroomed main house, 2×2 bedroomed Chief retainers’ houses, conference room and the installation of the water reticulation system.

Mr. Kashi said the construction of Chief Mushota’s Palace will run for a period of 08 months and government remains committed to providing traditional leaders with decent accommodation.

He said Government recognizes the important role that Chiefs play in championing the development agenda hence the need for traditional leaders to be provided with modern housing infrastructure.

And Mr. Kashi said traditional leaders have a crucial role to play owing to their authority and proximity to the subjects and their primary mandate of preserving customs remains key to national development.

He said traditional leaders have strategic positions in communities and they remain an important stakeholder towards the development of rural communities.

Mr. Kashi noted that Senior Chief Mushota and Chief Munkanta’s Palaces are currently under construction and are among the 81 palaces that government will construct for Their Royal Highnesses across the country at the total cost of K311 million.

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