Government through the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection and in partnership with Kawambwa Town Council has commenced the equipping of the 10 boreholes that were drilled in the district in August this year.

In a statement today, Kawambwa council public relations officer Joe Kashia Revealed that kawambwa district benefitted a total of ten (10) boreholes out of the 50 boreholes that government had been drilling in other parts of Luapula province at a total cost of Three Million, Two Thousand, Eight Hundred Seventy Four Kwacha Sixty Ngwee.

And Mr. Kashi noted that the areas earmarked for this undertaking include; Chisheta-Lumpa village, Chibwe village, Lumpa village, Misakalala village, Musuku village and Kaunda Kote village all of Kawambwa Central Constituency.

He added that others are; Kalonga village, Kanengo Rural Health Centre, Chikoti Community school and Chikombo village all of Pambashe Constituency respectively.

‘The Local Authority has been mandated to oversee the drilling and equipping of the boreholes in the district and remains committed to ensuring that quality safe drinking water and other purposes is delivered to the communities in the district” Ms. Kashi said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kashi stated that with the water challenges that the district has been experiencing, the equipping of the drilled boreholes has come at the right time as it will help in curbing the rampant water challenges in Kawambwa district.

“With the rain season already here, our mandate remains to ensuring that communities have access to safe drinking water and the commodity taken closer to them, as this will help help in preventing water borne diseases that are prone in the rain season.” he said

And Mr. Kashi urged the communities where these boreholes are placed to protect them against vandalism, as they have been drilled and equipped at a high cost.

He said the scope of works include; installation of hand pumps and civil works which will be followed by the handing over of the boreholes to the communities once the works are completed.

Mr. Kashi the drilling and equipping is being done by Sweet Waters Drilling Limited.

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