Mumbwa, Sunday, 24th December, 2023 –

Ministry of Green Economy and Environment Principal Climate Change Officer (Adaption) Kasanda Bunda says there is urgent need to ensure that the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) is implemented on the ground.

During the awareness creation and information sharing event on planning and implementation of adaptation actions in Mumbwa District, Mr. Bunda said the Governement through the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment launched the National Adaptation Plan on 14th November 2023.

“The NAP provides medium and long term adaptation priorities to address Climate Change in the nine climate sensitive sectors namely Agriculture, Energy, Forestry, Water, Health, infrastructure, Wilidlife, Tourism and Mining as well as adapation actions for for all provinces in the country,” he said.

“With the NAP in place what is critical and urgent now is to ensure Implementation on the ground. Therefore the need for collaboration from all stakeholders including private sector is the way to go.”

He said when successfully implemented, the NAP will significantly build the country’s resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Mr. Bunda said the NAP process is expected to end this December 2023 and with the completion and submission, Zambia has been added to the 16 countries in Africa that have completed their NAPs.

He said this is milestone for Zambia in addressing climte change adaptation.

Mr. Bunda, however, said in order to implement these adaptation actions, there was need to first of all integrate these actions in the Local Development Plans – the Integrated Development Plans.

And Mumbwa District Commissioner Ms. Namukulo Hayumbu said Mumbwa has not been spared by the impacts of climate change.

Ms. Hayumbu said the district has been very vulnerable to floods and droughts and the frequency and intensity of these climate change events is increasing.

“Nearly every year we are witnessing floods that are causing serious damage to our infrastrcuture such as the Chiwena bridge that was damaged early this year. We also had Kandesha Dam that burst in the recent past due to heavy rains resulting into widespread flooding that damaged housing properties and claimed human lives,” she said.

She expressed happiness that Mumbwa recently developed its integrated development plan that is yet to be approved.

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