Health Minister Sylvia Masebo says Government is fully aware of infrastructure gaps existing in certain health service areas that include child health.

Ms. Masebo said this in a speech read for her by Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Kennedy Lishimpi, during the official opening of the children’s ward, the solar energy system and sustainability project at BEIT- CURE children’s hospital of Zambia.

Ms. Masebo said the opening of the newly extended children’s ward, along with the implementation of the solar energy initiative not only represents a physical expansion but also underscores government’s shared commitment to enhancing access to quality health care for children with disabilities, while prioritising environmental sustainability through the use of renewable energy.

She said by prioritising children’s health especially for children with disabilities, societies can create a healthier, more prosperous and equitable future for generations to come.

Ms. Masebo said the commitment by BEIT-CURE children’s hospital to not only offer physical healing but also emotional well being and spiritual support is remarkable and the passion directed towards helping children heal and thrive is inspiring.

The Health Minister said similarly the government is resolutely directing it’s efforts and financial resources towards improving health infrastructure and supplying medical equipment.

As outlined in the 2022- 2026 National Health Strategic Plan and the 8th National Development Plan which clearly explain government’s intentions for this period.

Meanwhile, USAID Zambia acting Health Office Director Monica Bautista said the U.S. Government is proud to partner with organizations like BEIT- CURE international, who are providing comprehensive care for children with treatable disabilities, because every child deserves the opportunity to feel included, safe and thrive.

Ms. Bautista said the solar energy system installed at BEIT-CURE hospital has been supported by USAID American schools and hospitals abroad and costs 19 million kwacha.

She added that this initiative will provide an alternative energy source, significantly reduce the hospital’s reliance on traditional energy, reduce operational costs, mitigate environmental impacts and ensure uninterrupted delivery of essential healthcare services to patient’s.

And BEIT-CURE Chief Executive Officer Justine Jude expressed pleasure at the installed solar energy system, which he said had been a dream that turned into a project for the hospital.

Dr. Jude said with this installation, the hospital is looking forward to helping more patients receive health care services.


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