By Lukundo Nankamba

Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza is urging government to make it mandatory for all accommodation establishments to install CCTV in order to assist the Zambia police force to quickly curb the crimes happening in the tourism sector, in particular, in lodges and hotels.

Commenting on the recent murder of a 29-year old lady, Eunice Namuchimba, in Kitwe’s Sato guest house, a matter that allegedly implicates two people, a Tanzanian and Zambian national, Mr. Mwanza says this must become a source of concern for the safety and security of people in the tourism industry.

Mr. Mwanza suggests that government must issue a 60 days ultimatum to all existing lodges without CCTV to comply with any such regulation requiring installation of the surveillance system.

He says the minister of tourism must quickly promulgate a statutory instrument to compel all lodges, hotels and other accommodation establishments to install CCTV cameras to easily detect and deter those who use these accommodation establishments for criminal activities.

He adds that ongoing crimes happening at lodges and hotels that include theft and administration of substances to some guests, has the potential to damage the tourism sector in Zambia.

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