Governance and Development Advocates Zambia Executive Director Elias Mulenga says Zambia is now accustomed to see by-elections taking place without knowing due to the peaceful political and electoral atmosphere being experienced since the New Dawn Administration assumed power.

Mr. Mulenga said, previously, the by-elections were total blood bathtubs.

He said the Electoral Commission of Zambia is truly championing credible elections by allowing peaceful campaigns in by elections so far.

On Thursday, 2nd May 2024, by-election polls will be held in Luangwa Ward in Chama District of Eastern Province, Munwa Ward in Chienge District of Luapula Province, Kaunga Ward in Luangwa District of Lusaka Province, Kaela Ward in Lupososhi District of Northern Province, Chikenge Ward in Kabompo District of North Western Province, Malala Ward in Chikankata District of Southern Province, Luumbo Wards in Gwembe District of Southern Province and Ndanda Ward in Limulunga District of Western Province.

Mr. Mulenga said the peaceful campaigns show that the ECZ is committed to a credible Electoral process.

He has since urged political parties taking part in the by elections to be tolerant.

Mr. Mulenga said the 2026 general election will undoubtedly be credible because of the good leadership at ECZ especially Commissioners.

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