Recently, viewers were treated to a very special interview on PRIME tv of MMD President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba who was being hosted by veteran Broadcaster Frank Mutubila!

The interview started on a sad not as Dr Mumba expressed a great sense of loss and joined the nation in morning the late General Shikapwasha whose death was occasioned by gunshot wounds the previous night.

As the interview progressed, the veteran Broadcaster Frank Mutubila sought to know whether the UPND led government was doing enough to curb the spread of cholera, and Dr Mumba who is well known for his objectivity and candor was quick to point out that government needed to do more if this cholera issue is going to be a thing of the past.

Dr Mumba further stated that the cholera pandemic which is ravaging our communities is a knock on the UPND door. Government needs to show us by the end of this year that they have dealt with this recurring problem once and for all.

He was however quick to point out that citizens have obligations, and one of those is to look after one’s immediate environment. Dr Mumba went on to urge members of the public to take responsibility on matters of sanitation as it is not government’s responsibility to clean their homes.

When the interview transitioned to the subject of politics, Dr Mumba’s countenance and tone changed as he spelled out to the viewers his vision for Zambia which he has carried in his heart from the time that he was a young cleric. He first of all reminded the viewers of his motive for entering the political process, it was the rottenness that he saw that made him to join national politics, he didn’t join politics for money but rather stepped into the arena with a clear direction and purpose of what he seeks to achieve for the country. This is the reason why he feels hurt when people allege that he is into politics for self aggrandizement.

Dr Mumba stated that he had only served in government for less than five years in formal employment. He further stated that he is above “bottom feeder” politics, contrary to the assertions of his political detractors who often seek to cast him in bad light, in a bid to damage his hard earned credibility in the eyes of the electorate.

During the interview, the firebrand MMD President spent quite some time schooling his fellow political actors on the concept of politics and democracy, as his host sat riveted on his seat giving the good Doctor a fixed gaze. “Democracy is not only democracy when you win, it’s democracy even when you lose.. it works better when you lose, your capacity to allow your friend who has won by concesus to carry the responsibility given to him by the electorate.. democracy entails that after you lose an election you sit back to encourage and support others until your time comes, ” said Dr Mumba!

The MMD President slammed political players who practice bottom feeder politics and all those who make manouvers seeking to distabilise the progress being made by those who trounced them in an election, “that’s not politics,” Dr. Mumba lamented!

Despite the bad state of our Politics, the MMD President still nourishes the hope that it won’t be long before we see the emergence of patriotic young men and women who are driven by a passion of making Zambia great!

MMD Media Team.

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