(By Martin Akende)
Chassa Secondary Boarding School in Sinda, Eastern Province, is in dire need of computers for the library.
School headteacher Dr Patrick Bushilya said the computers will help to effectively deliver computer lessons to pupils.
He said at the moment the computers at the school are not adequate and they are also outdated.
Dr Bushilya was speaking when Chassa Secondary Boarding School Alumni Association visited the school.
Meanwhile, Dr Bushilya also expressed concern at the poor water reticulation at the school, which was opened in 1954.
He, however, indicated that through the alumni association, funds amounting to 100 thousand kwacha have been mobilized to renovate the water system.
And Alumni Association President, Charles Botha, said the association has been helping the school on many projects.
He urged all former Chassa Boys to join the association to address the problems the school is facing.

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