12th January 2024.

Zambian Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, His Excellency Mr. Andrew Banda, met with Andong National University President Professor Chuang Tai-Joo, to discuss ways on how the Korean University could collaborate with the Zambian Universities in the areas of education, research and development.

“Look at the Korean story for instance, your country was once poorer than
Zambia 70 years ago but transformed itself to be among the most developed
country in the world as it invested in education, science and technology” He

Ambassador Banda emphasized the importance that the Government of the
Republic of Zambia attaches to education, science and technology as it is key
to national development and looked forward to working with the University
through provision of scholarships to students, staff exchange and undertaking
joint research programmes.

And Andong National University President Professor Chuang indicated that the
University was looking forward to collaborate with Zambian Universities and
called for a Memorandum of Understanding to be signed and was ready to
make scholarships available to the Zambians.

He further stated that Andong
University has been selected by its government as one of the 10 Universities for
the future in Korea.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Banda also visited a site within the University where
GivenTech, a Korean Company, has installed a Hybrid Power System which
would be easily implemented in the rural parts of Zambia.

He expressed
happiness with the technology deployed and indicated that such a solution
would work very well in rural Zambia as off-the-grid solutions especially in schools,
clinics, processing of agro products among others.

At the same event GivenTech President Mr. Chang Han Kim indicated his
company’s willing to invest in Zambia and respond to some of the renewable
energy solutions required by the country
Zondi Chilembo

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