CSPR Calls Upon Government to Invest in Women by Prioritizing Poverty Reduction.



March 8th marks International Women’s Day, a global occasion to celebrate the achievements of women to highlight the ongoing struggle for gender equality.


This year’s International Women Day Commemoration has been celebrated amidst multiple crises that are putting high pressure on communities and economic sectors, achieving gender equality is more vital than ever.

Ensuring women’s and girls’ rights in all areas of their life is the only way to secure prosperous and just economies and build a healthy planet for future generations.

Zambia is among several Southern African Countries that has been affected by Drought, Climate and Environmental change as well as less Empowerment Programs aimed at eliminating poverty.

It is evident that poverty is not just an economic issue but a complex web of social, cultural, and political inequality that perpetuates the marginalization of women. CSPR operates in five provinces and more than 10 districts where majority of the women are still leaving in hard conditions especially after 2020 Covid 19 pandemic.
Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) aligns itself with the theme of “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,” echoing the essence of putting women at the core of efforts to eradicate poverty globally.

This means gender inequalities is crucial to tackle poverty and food insecurity, and empowering rural women is very important to build inclusive, resilient, and sustainable agrifood systems that will alleviate poverty to ensure gender equality is achieved. Empowering women with access to decent work, social protection, and equal opportunities is not only a matter of justice but also a catalyst for economic growth and social cohesion.

CSPR calls upon the Zambian government and stakeholders to prioritize the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality in all spheres of society. This includes strengthening of legislative frameworks, implementing policies and programs that promote women’s participation in the labour force, provide equal pay for equal work; and ensuring access to essential services such as healthcare, education, water, and sanitation.
CSPR reiterates it’s call upon the Zambian government to prioritize the creation of opportunities for women, particularly within the Small to Medium Scale Industry, which holds immense potential for meaningful women economic empowerment.

It is important to draw attention to the importance of leveraging resources for development, including, climate finance to focus on women’s empowerment an important determinant of households’ resilience to climatic and other shocks that the country may face.

Further, CSPR recommends that government should ensure the following measures are well addressed:

• Adopting practical affirmative measures to speed gender equality and equity in leadership and decision making.

• Adopting Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting Approaches.

• Putting a National Gender Management Machinery in place.

• Taking action on the commitments made regarding the Women’s Manifesto for 2021-2025.

In commemorating this year’s International Women’s Day, let us recommit ourselves to the pursuit of gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Through a multi-sectoral and gender cognizant approach, we can build a Zambia where women are not just beneficiaries but active agents of change in the fight against poverty and inequality.

Faides TembaTemba
Executive Director

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