We are fully conscious of the Barotseland issue-Govnt

Today, the Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa MP held his weekly media engagement to discuss issues of national interest
Below are the highlights:

✅Government says it is fully conscious of the Barotseland issue and with respect to that current debate over the issue, the New Dawn Administration has opted for quiet diplomacy.

✅ The Minister has reassured the people that Government has opted for quiet diplomacy looking for a win- win as there are no chaos, anarchy or division in the nation arising out of the Barotseland issue.

✅ The proponents that the country is divided are made by dishonest people as the Barotseland region coexists peacefully with other regions.

✅ Mr. Mweetwa called on the opposition not to be this opportunistic to an extent and expense of national unity and peace of the country.

✅ Further, there should be no requirement for the country to make a distress call to the African Union (AU) or United Nations (UN) on the matter since the Barotseland issue is a domestic matter which can be resolved local and have not reached a stage where it has brought discord and anarchy or divisions.

✅ Zambia remains a unitary state in accordance with the constitution presently in force.

✅He added that Article 1 of the Constitution provides that the constitution is the supreme law of Zambia and any written law, customary law, and customary practice that is in consistence with its provisions is void to the extent of the inconsistence.

✅Article 1,3 the constitution provides that it shall bind all persons in Zambia state organs and state institutions.

✅ He explained that when President Hakainde Hichilema says there is no country called Barotseland; he never meant there is no Barotseland because it was there before, still existing and will continue to do so as a region in Zambia.

✅President Hakainde Hichilema is tasked with upholding the Republic of Zambia’s Constitution and maintaining it as a unitary state, the Chief Government Spokesperson reiterated.

✅Meanwhile, Government welcomes the formation of the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) as it is a testament to the widening democratic space that everyone continues to enjoy contrary to assertions by the opposition.

✅ The formation of UKA is a sign that the citizens in this country are enjoying their freedom of association.

✅The Chief Government Spokesperson noted that government will not stand in the way of UKA and its registration processes for as long as they meet the legal requirements.

✅Government has no interest whatsoever to stop them other than appreciating that the democratic space is widening.

✅ The alliance was formed at a time when the same individuals were claiming that the nation lacked any democratic space.

✅ He urged the public to be careful not to be misled by some politicians who do not mean well for the nation.

✅ Government advises opposing political parties to cherish the peace that is existing in the country at the moment.

✅Meanwhile, Government has wished Mr. Chishimba Kambwili a speedy recovery and that it has rightfully evacuated him to receive expert medical care.

✅ And government is of the view that those advocating for the appointment of traditional leaders to positions of power lack focus and a defined objective for the nation.

✅ He stressed that that the nation’s customs, culture, and traditional leaders should be protected.

✅Government has urged people to be calm as it has the best interests of the nation in mind.

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