Kitwe, Monday (June 10, 2024)

Socialist Party (SP) President Dr. Fred M’membe has emphasized the pivotal role of ordinary people in governance and progress. 

Dr. M’membe highlighted that while leaders offer guidance, it is the collective efforts of the populace that truly drive change.

“Chiefs just lead; it is the ordinary people who govern and deliver progress,” Dr. M’membe stated, echoing the Bemba proverb. 

He acknowledged that the current leadership at all levels of the SP cannot achieve success independently and called for vigorous mobilization efforts to empower and involve the citizenry.

The Opposition Leader expressed confidence that a well-informed public, aware of the root causes of their hardships, would be instrumental in turning the nation’s fortunes around. 

“A fully mobilized and informed populace is key to reversing our current trajectory,” he asserted.

He urged party members to actively engage and educate the people to foster a stronger and more responsive political movement.

This is contained in a statement issued by SP Director Media Brian Hapunda. 

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